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Northwest Construction Management, Inc., provides construction risk management consulting services to the real estate and financial services industries.  Our clients include local and national platform commercial lending institutions providing both “construction” and “term/permanent” financing, direct equity lenders, governmental entities, community development/housing authorities, and other groups that have a stake in a real estate development.

With our experience stemming from previous employment with a large national platform lending institution, where we directly provided construction risk management consulting services, and procured assistance from external consultants; we feel the structure of our deliverables is superior to others found in the marketplace.

Having provided thousands of both “Construction Analysis Reports / Front End Cost Analysis” and “Construction Progress Reports” over the last 20+ years; we have compiled an extensive database of construction costs and contracting standards that cover all areas of commercial real estate development.  We attempt to provide the pertinent information in an “easy to read” format, that can be quickly adapted to fit your specific credit guidelines.  Based on client feedback, we understand that relationship managers, underwriters, debt product officers and loan administration professionals have found our deliverables to be accurate, concise and efficient sources of information as they underwrite and administer their portfolios.

Our fee structure is flexible and can be easily adjusted to a format you are accustomed to.  We are confident you will find the cost of our services to be extremely competitive.

Additionally, we thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to assist our lending clients in reviewing existing “credit policy” with hopes of updating/streamlining/simplifying their current processes.  We have also found our “training presentations”, that range in topic from “Current Market Challenges” to “What’s a Lien Waiver?”, to be beneficial and well received by our client’s teams.  These additional services are typically provided free of charge; intended to strengthen our relationship with and support the success of our client base.

We feel our knowledge of the Northwest construction industry, combined with our direct experience with Developers, General Contractors and Subcontractors in the Northwest make us the “consultant of choice” in this region.

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Providing Construction Risk Management Assistance in the Northwest since 1998.

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