Since 1998, Northwest Construction Management, Inc. has been providing the utmost expertise and customer service in the area of “construction risk management” assistance to clients that are both “lenders” and “real estate developers” in the Northwest.  Our core competencies include advising this elite roster of real estate professionals on project management, budgeting, scheduling, site progress monitoring, and comprehensive overall risk assessment.

We are established, stable and local to the Northwest.  Our focus has solely been on the Northwest states; we thoroughly understand the unique challenges that face the Northwest markets.  We have also established a strong reputation in the local industry; allowing us to commence our work from a higher standpoint than groups from outside of the region.

We have been “the client” in the past.  We therefore come from a unique perspective when compared to others in our field.  We know how to meet our clients’ needs because they have been our own in the past.

We are innovative.  There is always a way to do it better.

We are confident in what we do.  We are solely a “construction risk” consulting firm, allowing us to focus on the needs and concerns facing the financial and real estate industries.  The experience and knowledge that we bring to clients is rivaled by few in the industry.  We have directly project managed major developments; providing guidance to clients in the areas of consultant/general contractor solicitation and engagement, budget and schedule analysis, site/progress monitoring, funding recommendations and closeout management.  We treat each project as if it were our own, maintaining high standards and ethics that assure our customers that their needs are always at the forefront of each of our assignments.  We have no doubt your development team, relationship managers, underwriters and loan administration groups will find our deliverables to be accurate, concise and efficient sources of information.  We are confident you will find us to be a valuable asset to your team.

We want to assist your team.  As the consultant of choice for projects across the Northwest, let us put our expertise to work for you.  We look forward to an opportunity to discuss your needs, and how our services can be of assistance.

Providing Construction Risk Management Assistance in the Northwest since 1998.